Ingredients we use in our Products

Coconut Oil : : Coconut oil is famous throughout the world not only as an edible oil and hair tonic, but also as an excellent massage oil and smoothener for the skin. Due to the presence of vitamin E, it protects the skin from sun, aging and wrinkling. Its strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties helps in reduction of any microbial infections of the skin. Due to the presence of the saturated fatty acids and vitamins, it protects from cell damage, gives an even tone and silky touch to the skin.


Almond Oil : It is richly endowed with protein, vitamin E and B vitamins, as well as essential minerals and healthy fats which are highly beneficial for skin. When used as massage oil, it is proven to relieve muscle pain and stress. Being rich in vitamin E, A, B1, B2 and B6 and being able to be absorbed easily by skin, it effectively balances the moisture in dry and irritated skin. Its firming effect on skin helps in reducing and reversing signs of aging like wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, blemishes including stretch marks.

Castor Oil : Due to the presence of antioxidants and fatty acids, It is a wonder for dry skin, sunburn, acne and stretch marks. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, making the skin smoother, softer and younger. Its anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti allergic and anti inflammatory properties are well known and is used worldwide for these properties in better skin management. Its moisturizing properties are unparalleled.

Olive Oil : Glowing skin is what can be expected with applying olive oil. It is equally good for both dry and oily skin and closely resembles the skin’s natural oils. Its antioxidants and good fats helps in skin regeneration. Those with irritated and extremely sensitive skins can get highly beneficial results from this oil. The contents of this oil may also reduce the chances of skin cancer as they inhibit growth of tumors. It not only repairs the sun damage but can also be used as an effective sun screen.

Adzuki Bean: These small beans in powder form has been used in Japanese skin care regimens for centuries to cleanse and buff away dry, dull & flaky skin and to rejuvenate and brighten the complexion without any damage to skin. This leaves you with a soft, smooth texture and a radiant glow.

Oats: Oats are great for reducing acne and hydrating the skin. They remove dead skin cells, Relieves Itchiness, naturally cleanse and lighten the skin while improving skin tone, texture and reducing pore size. Proteins in oatmeal help protect the skin’s natural guard against harsh chemicals. It helps in fighting skin conditions like rashes and bad effects of UV rays.

Coffee Powder: Coffee can be considered as a favorite skin drink. It is loaded with antioxidants which reduces signs of aging, tightens fine lines, bolsters natural skin defenses, help in fighting carcinogens in UV rays and soothes inflammation. By promoting blood circulation and exfoliation it leads to an energized, healthy skin with reduced cellulite and flushing.

Tea Powder: Externally applied tea extracts help promote healthy and youthful skin.Tea contains several of the most potent and protective antioxidants, vitamins, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals for promoting overall skin health. The most important of these are vitamins C and E, carotenoids, and flavonoids. These help in minimizing sun burns, soothes bug bites & irritated skin, reduces puffy eyes & under eye circles, gets rid of body odour, tones and moisturizes skin.

Honey: How much ever we may say about honey, still much will be left unsaid. Honey has been used since almost 4000 yrs in ayurvedic medicines. It can fight ageing, hydrate well, rejuvenates skin, protects from UV rays, acne and infections, keep skin smooth and supple while reducing blemishes. lt is a strong cleanser, humectant, antibacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal, anti oxidant, skin conditioner and toner, exfoliator which makes it a wonderful skin tonic.

GreenForSure Hand made soap benefits

  • The magnificent smooth lather leaves your skin clean, soft, silky, and radiantly healthy.

  • This soap can be used on even the most sensitive skin as it is made of only natural ingredients. If you are sensitive to any ingredient and you find it in our soap, ensure to do a patch test on your skin.

  • Reduces marks and blemishes on skin to a great extent

  • Please remember that this is not a medicated soap but by making skin healthier it helps in reducing all sorts of blemishes including pimples and marks.

  • Keeps skin moist and does not allow it to dry resulting in supple, smooth and silky skin. This is because of the high content of glycerin in the soap. Skin absorbs the glycerin from the soap which in turn has a property of absorbing moisture from air resulting in moist skin.

  • Unless yours is a very dry skin, the use of body lotions and moisturizers are minimized. Normal skin becomes practically maintenance free which is a huge saving on money and time.

  • This soap is equally effective in hard water. No difference can be found between using in hard and soft water. It lathers and cleanses equally in any type of water.

  • Small quantity of soap is enough as it is a highly effective cleanser.

  • Keeps the skin fresh for much longer periods.

  • Keeps body odor at bay.

  • Reduces tanning due to heavy exposure to sun.

  • Improves complexion and makes skin even toned.

  • As this does not allow any residue to remain on skin after usage, less water is required during bathing.

  • This soap can be used until the last bit as it remains pliant and does not break in the end like other commercial soap

Best ways to use our soaps

Please follow below steps for optimum usage of our natural soap :

Use lesser quantity while bathing as little quantity can give all the cleanliness and freshness you desire.

Store the soap in dry, cool areas before and after use. This soap being natural and full of glycerin attracts moisture from air and can sweat when placed in a very humid air (try placing this soap near to open window while it is raining outside..). While this is a proof that the soap is of top grade quality, it may tend to dissolve more while bathing. Keeping it in a dry area makes the soap dry again. This does not change its quality in any way.

After bathing, store this soap in a soap box with holes below and with a gap between the box and the platform on which it stands. This ensures proper water drainage from the soap and keeps it dry.

9 reasons to choose our GreenForSure Products

Our skin which is our largest organ acts as a sponge in absorbing chemicals. As it cannot discriminate between good and bad, it just absorbs whatever it comes into contact. So it is we who should decide what to put on our skin. We are already exposed to high levels of pollution and harmful chemicals, then why again use the same in our soap too.

Let us understand the differences between our cold processed handmade soaps and regular commercial soaps available in the market.

  1. Our soaps contain no chemicals which are harmful to the skin and environment. They are skin-friendly and do not strip the skin of its moisture and moreover adds to the natural protective barrier as the glycerin present in our soap attracts the moisture from the air. On the other hand, many of the commercially available soaps are not even soap but are chemically made detergent bars in which many of the chemicals are debated to have harmful and carcinogenic effects on skin. They are harsh on the skin and remove its natural moisture barrier making the skin sensitive and susceptible to allergies and infections.

  2. Our soaps have natural coloring agents like turmeric, coffee, tea, tomato, etc which are used for their beneficial effects on health and skin care for centuries. Many commercial soaps have artificial coloring agents which may be irritants to some people

  3. All the fragrances we use are studied under aromatherapy and only those which are soothing, mood uplifting and beneficial to our senses are selected. The soap smell will remain until the last of the soap and will not lessen after using the soap halfway as it happens in many commercial soaps. As the fragrances are natural, over a period of time of storage the strength of the smell may reduce and after some more time, the natural oily smell of the soap will surface. This will not affect the quality of the soap in any way and can be used. In many commercial soaps even though the smell remains on the soap for much longer periods, it is our common experience that once we start using the soap, the smell is gone midway.

  4. Our soap remains pliant and can be used until the last bit. Most of the commercial soaps become brittle towards the end and will break into pieces making it useless. This is a waste which can be avoided by using GreenForeSure Products soaps

  5. Our soaps have the natural soap which gives the best cleansing without stripping the skin of its moisture. It will not result in squeaky clean skin but soft, supple and healthy skin. It removes the dirt and dead skin cells leaving the skin fresh and healthy. Many Commercial soaps are mere detergents resulting in dry skin prone to allergies and infections

  6. Our soaps will result in lesser lather than many commercial soaps as we do not use any artificial lathering agents as they do. But our lather is much smoother and gives a richer feel than the commercial soaps due to the all-natural ingredients. The commercial soaps will result in more lather but the smoothness is not felt.

  7. Due to the natural cleansing ingredients in our soap, it can be used equally effectively in hard water also. Most of the commercial soaps are not even half effective in hard water and their lather becomes non-existing

  8. Apart from the goodness of the soap, the natural ingredients we include in our soap making also add to the benefits to the skin. Many commercial soaps do not have any add-ons in their soaps.

  9. Using our soap results in visible improvements in overall skin health. Commercial soaps have no benefits as such to the skin. On the other hand, they make the skin dry and infection-prone.

Why use GreenForSure Natural Handmade Soap?

The one reason for using our soap is that it is friendly…for your skin, for your health, for our society and for the earth.
Our SKIN acting like a sponge absorbs chemicals whether beneficial or harmful. As it cannot discriminate, it is we who should give it the best to absorb.

Our GreenForSure soap is a natural, handmade bath soap with no harmful additives. Our soap is made from scratch through cold process method using the ingredients available in your kitchen…so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin for it to absorb.

Some of the reasons why we call our Hita soap the best are listed below :

GreenForSure soaps are :
• Natural& chemical-free
• mild and nourishing
• rich in natural glycerin
• Cruelty Free. We donot use animal products like tallow, etc,.
• biodegradable
• Manufactured under hygienic and best conditions using the freshest ingredients
• Manufactured keeping in line with our policy of rural empowerment.

GreenForSure soaps donot use :
• Harmful chemicals
• Detergents
• Artificial fragrances
• Artificial colors
• Preservatives
• Artificial foam boosters
• Alcohol and petroleum products
• Synthetic additives

We have summarized some benefits of using our GreenForSure soap from the data we collected from our customers in our blog post…Benefits of GreenForSure handmade soaps.

We encourage you to test yourself by using our soaps. Enjoy the benefits of our soap as well as the satisfaction that you have done something to the world by doing your part in reducing the chemical footprint causing hazardous environment effects both to the life and the earth.

How am i seeing an improvement in my skin by using GreenForSure Natural Soap? Is it Medicated?

NO.. Our GreenForSure natural soap is NOT medicated.

But we get constant feedback from our regular customers about the benefits they are getting by continuous usage of GreenForSure soap. Reduced acne, reduced blemishes and marks, smooth and glowing skin, reduced tan are only few out of such benefits reported. There are many teenagers who use this soap as their acne got visibly reduced or because they are looking fairer. We keep on regularly answering in negative to our customers asking us whether this is a fairness soap.
Then how is it possible? Why is GreenForSure soap resulting in such skin benefits?

We bow in respect to the nature and the self healing properties of human body and give the credit to them. Our soap only acts as a medium to take the goodness of the nature to the skin and helps it to self heal.
We retain all the glycerine produced as a by product of our cold process soap making. Glycerin is a humectant which absorbs moisture from air and retains it on skin to keep it moist and also act as a natural barrier for all the external factors like dirt, pollution and other irritants.

As our soap donot contain any harmful chemicals, there is no additional irritation or disturbance to the skin.
As all the ingredients used in our soap are most beneficial to the skin and are present in good quantities, their benefits are absorbed by the skin to the fullest possible extent.

Thus, with glycerin providing much required moisture and acting as a protector, no harmful chemicals and all beneficial ingredients, the nature takes charge and the skin heals itself. Acne is reduced. Infections are reduced. Black marks disappear. You will forget about your previous rashes and itching. Due to the protective barrier, sun cannot show his effect on the skin, tan gets reduced and eventually skin returns to its normal shade.

All this happens because nature cures everything. It only needs our support and non interference
Use our GreenForSure soap continuously and see what benefits you gain out of it. If not anything, you can smile satisfactorily that you are doing that much to reduce the chemical burden of the mother earth.

How can a bath soap be made without chemicals?

Yes. This is one of the first question we hear from our customers!

Our answer to this is “true…a soap cannot be made without a chemical. A chemical called sodium hydroxide or caustic soda is used to make any real soap. This chemical when mixed with natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil or any other oil for that matter undergoes a reaction called saponification and turns into soap.

In our cold process method of soap making, all of the caustic soda used turns into soap and none remains in the final soap bar. Portions are measured carefully, recipe is followed strictly and final soap quality checking is done thoroughly to ensure that no sodium hydroxide is left over in the soap. That is the reason why we are so confident that this does not remain in our GreenForSure soaps.

All said and done, sodium hydroxide is also used in food preparation apart from its many uses in paper and pulp industry, mining and cleaning. As mentioned in Wikipedia, it is used in making of German pretzels, traditional baked Chinese moon cakes, yellow colored Chinese noodles, corn nuts or grits and many desserts world wide which means it is eatable though in very small quantities..

This sodium hydroxide is used in all soap making processes. What differentiates Hita soaps is that unlike other regularly available commercial soaps, GreenForSure soaps donot contain any of the detergents, artificial colours or flavours, preservatives, foam boosters, alcohol or petroleum products and synthetic additives all of which can be harmful and many of them are carcinogenic.

In GreenForSure soaps, the only chemical used in the soap making gets converted to soap itself and will not remain in the soap and we do not add any other chemical additives.
So now tell us…can we claim we are chemical free?…Yessss…ofcourse we can…

What is the Difference between GreenForSure Natural Soaps and Other Herbal / Natural soaps available in the market?

There are lot of differences!

The soap when used on our skin stays there for a very little time and is immediately washed away. It also gets diluted with water. Skin though absorbs many things which it comes in contact with needs some time to absorb. It also needs some quantities to absorb.

The herbal soaps available in markets do contain many beneficial ingredients in them like turmeric, aloe Vera, etc., but the quantities are very small, such that when the soap is used the quantities of those ingredients become almost negligible and the skin cannot absorb any of their goodness. In such scenario why should we waste those precious ingredients by mixing them in soap? Is it not better to use them directly on skin to get most of their benefit?

The oils we use in our GreenForSure soap are in good quantities so that it becomes easier for skin to absorb their goodness. Any other ingredient used like coffee or tea are used as concentrated decoctions in the place of water in the recipe. This makes their quantities good enough for the skin to absorb their goodness.

Also we do not use any other ingredients like salt or clay for filling. These of course gives volume to the soap but reduces its cleaning properties. What is the use of soap if it cannot clean thoroughly!
Many soaps claim to have glycerin in them. This means naturally occurring glycerin during the soap making process is removed as it is a very costly ingredient, costlier than the soap itself. Then just to entice the customer they will add little quantities of glycerin and make a big story out of it. GreenForSure soap retains all the natural glycerin produced during soap making.

Glycerin is the ingredient which keeps skin moist and healthy. This is why those who use our Hita soap finds it very soothing and observes that many of their skin problems gets self healed as the skin remains moist, absorbs all the goodness of the ingredients used and do not face any further irritation caused by harmful chemicals like in other soaps.

Thus, many commercially available herbal soaps uses herbal ingredients in very small quantities as a bait to increase their costs. But any negligible benefit even if it is there is again nullified by the derogatory effects of the chemicals used in them. The customer seeing the ingredients thinks that he is going to get all the benefits of the herbal ingredients but what they get is the effects of the harmful chemicals present in them.

Our GreenForSure soap is a pure soap with good quantities of all the ingredients listed on the label which are sourced carefully to retain all their beneficial effects. You can get best cleansing with all the benefits of the ingredients used in the soap when it is used.

With all this information, now you can decide which soap you want to use.

How is a GreenForSure Natural Soap made? 

GreenForSure soaps are made in small batches with high standards of quality. We use the original soap making procedure of cold process.Our raw materials are procured either freshly made or from market best vendors. We ensure that they are meeting best quality standards.

The alkaline solution is made with sodium hydroxide either with water or other liquids like tea decoction, coffee brew, etc. After reaching right temperature it is mixed with the oils which are already mixed and ready. Both are stirred well until a thick mixture is formed. At this time flavours and other herbal ingredients are added and further stirred until it becomes a thick paste.

This chemical reaction is called saponification. It means when an acid like oils and a base like lye solution is mixed, they gets transformed into soap which is a salt. Glycerine is the bye product of this chemical reaction.

This mixture when suitably thickens is poured into wooden moulds and tightly sealed. They will be stored for 24 hours in temperature-controlled areas. By this time the mixture inside the mould gets completely transformed into soap. It will be demoulded and stored on racks under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. After required no. of days they are cut into required size bars and further racked for 6-8 weeks again under controlled temperatures and humidity. By this time the soap bars will complete their curing and reach the required hardness and quality for packaging.

The final quality of the soap is completely dependent on the recipe and the process. Utmost care is taken for strict monitoring of the recipe and of the other parameters.
This cold process when executed with maximum care will result in a luxuriously mild and silky lather generating soap.
Come enjoy the benefits of our soaps…

Can GreenForSure Natural Sopa used for young kids or For Sensitive skin

You have reached until here means you must have already read few things on our website.
We would like you to guess the answer to this question instead of us saying anything. Just take a regular baby soap and read the ingredients on the label. Then keep it aside and read the ingredients on our GreenForSure soap label. Now guess the answer!!!
Our soaps are the mildest anyone can find as they are made from all natural ingredients and they donot contain anything to irritate the skin. They are handmade under strictly controlled parameters. Recipe and process are followed to the end. We cure them for more than 6 weeks.

All this results in the mildest and most enriching soap you can find. Only problem with our soap is that as we donot use any chemicals to reduce the sting of the soap, please keep the soap away from your baby’s eyes.
If your baby or for that matter anyone is sensitive to any of the ingredients mentioned on our label, please do a patch test and take your physicians advise before using our soap.
Otherwise based on our experience our GreenForSure soaps are best for any type of skin.