About Us


The story of GreenForSure Products started one evening at a skin specialist’s clinic. I was there on a consultation for a rash. While talking to the doctor he asked me what soap I use. I told him the soap I use which was supposed to be one of the best soaps in the market. Of course there was a sense of pride in my tone. The doctor gave me a look and asked immediately to stop it and prescribed me a medicated soap. I did not understand. On further probing he told me that all the soaps in the market are a bunch of chemicals and nothing else which can cause havoc on sensitive skins.

The doctor’s words stayed with me even after I returned home. I started researching about soaps. In next few days I collected so much information on soaps I was averse to use soaps available in the market anymore. I wanted a soap which is a good cleanser and skin friendly without any chemicals. On further research and lot of experimentation at home I found a recipe for a soap which is absolutely chemical free and skin loving.

I became a fan of my own soap after couple of uses. After some time, using it only for myself was not enough. I wanted to share it’s goodness with others. I started sharing samples with family, then extended family, relatives, friends, etc. As the compliments poured in, my confidence grew. The people who used my samples asked for more and more. Giving away samples continuously for regular usage was not an option for me and they too could not take my soaps free of cost as a life time requirement was generated for them.

Meanwhile I invested my time and energy with the help of family and friends in developing few more varieties of soaps and hair tonics. All of them were instant hit and everyone started to urge me to make them commercially available.

As the products are made of pure oils and 100% natural ingredients the cost of production is much higher than regular commercial soaps in the market. So I could not use the regular distribution channels in which I have to price my soap many times above the manufacturing cost to distribute profits throughout the distribution channel.

I could have taken the regular course and priced my products at few hundreds and make them available only to the rich and famous. But that’s not what I wanted. I wanted the goodness of my products to be experienced by one and all. So I started selling products to friends and family. Then started participating in the organic markets and sales events. These products were received by everyone very positively. Having first hand experience in the operations of an enterprise, my thoughts automatically turned to e commerce as the next logical step.

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about having a site for just two categories and few products. But my urge to share the goodness of my soap and the persistent enquiries from those who used my products did not allow me to hesitate for long. I made a simple business plan of products which are chemical free, natural and as far as possible hand made and took the plunge. Thus started GreenForSure… So friends here is a site where you can find soaps, hair tonics, etc (future has many more products in pipe line) which are chemical free and life friendly, both human and otherwise. You are going to love this. So start enjoying…


We at GreenForSure believe in democratic and transparent market which ensures customer delight. We believe that this can happen only by eliminating middle men and bridging the gap between the producer and the customer. We also believe in handing over a safe and healthy earth to our future generations. To achieve this, we have to remove chemicals from our products which in turn help in keeping earth pollution free and bio friendly. Incidentally we came across a concept which helped us in achieving both these objectives. Our products do not contain any of those dangerous chemicals which we find in our regular commercial soaps. It is skin friendly, environment friendly and we have decided to make it customer friendly by eliminating all the middle men and keeping the overheads minimum, thus bringing it within the reach of everyone. Even our packaging is quite simple and caters only to what is the basic requirement. Because of these precautions we are able to price our soap quite reasonably even though the production cost is quite high when compared to other soaps due to our no chemical and local procurement philosophy.​


Even though most of us have our roots originating from villages, we, in pursuit of education or careers have left them far behind in our journey of life. In the present modern life styles we do not have any time or many times any purpose to go back to our roots. Though opting for better opportunities is never wrong, it is always exhilarating to touch base with our roots and making a difference in the lives of those still back there. Contributing to making villages self sufficient in our own small way has been our dream since the time we came to know about the differences in the rural and urban scenarios.

With little research. we found that we could source many of our materials in the surrounding areas and small villages. Our simple business plan is all about hand made or homemade. 

Setting up industries and business is a sure shot way to provide the much-needed employment opportunities and giving leverage to improve the general lifestyle. Though it is in our future plan to set up a proper industry, until then our items are all either handmade or sourced directly from the source.

We hope to do much more in the future once our business is further developed. We have plans to expand our product range keeping in line with our base concept of green and home-based products.

It is our stand that unless those around us prosper, we cannot prosper. Giving back to society is our mantra in support of this stand. For this we are planning to undertake green initiatives, supporting the flora and fauna surrounding us.

Whatever our plans are, our vision can be fulfilled only with your continued support. Our motto is bridging the gap between the consumer and good products while bridging the gap between the needy and the resources. Come!! Let us join hands to help make this vision a reality.