TIPS to make your face washing much more effective

  • Your face is the index of your mind. How you maintain your face tells many things about how you manage yourself. The most important routine in this is washing face. Though it may seem to be the simplest activity, it has the potential to make or break your face. Follow the below given tips to ensure most beneficial face washing.
    • Use the mildest soap or face wash available in the market which do not contain any alcohol or chemicals. Our GreenForSure Products soaps are as mild as it can go and are made of only natural ingredients. All the ingredients used in making our soap are most beneficial to your skin.
    • Wash face daily once in the morning and once in the evening after your work or in between only in case you sweat profusely for any reason. Morning wash helps to refresh the face skin and remove bacterial built up during the night. Evening face wash helps in removing the dirt and grime resulting from working and going outside. Washing more than this result in dry and damaged skin. In case you are acne prone or feel like washing face for that feel of freshness, just wash with plain warm water in between. 
    • Use warm water for washing face. Usage of cold or hot water can damage your skin. 
    • Apply soap and rub gently with finger tips. Clean every nook and corner thoroughly. Do not rub for long as it tends to damage skin if you are using commercially available soaps in the market. 
    • Mild scrubbing should be done twice a week for normal or acne prone skin and thrice a week if you have excessively dry skin. Our soap Ex-Foli exfoliates softly with the additional goodness of adzuki beans, an age old Japanese secret for glowing skin. 
    • Rinse thoroughly to remove any soap remains on face.
      • Do not rub your face skin to dry it. Gently pat it dry with a soft towel. 
        • Immediately apply moisturiser to lock in moisture and avoid dryness.
        • Always protect your skin from dust and pollution to keep that freshness long lasting