Papaya is one of the most delicious and nutritious fruits that is available throughout the year. Not only orally, but it does wonders when used topically too.Papaya has a lot of hidden benefits for skin and health. It is a natural skin exfoliator

Quick Tips :
1. The papaya peel helps in reducing and treating the signs of ageing. Just rub the peel on the face after eating the papaya. Let it stay for 5 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Using it regularly works really well.

2.For getting hydrated skin, mix mashed papaya with honey and apply on your face. Clean it after 15 minutes with cold water. Even plain papaya mash is also very effective in moisturizing the skin as it is very rich in vitamin A.

3.Treating dark spots. Application of mashed papaya with milk on your face can help in removing the dark spots and evens out the skin tone which results in a fairer and glowing skin.

How to make a Facepack with papaya :

Papaya not only has Anti-ageing, moisturizing and Hydrating properties but it also has De-tanning properties.

Making : Make a paste of papaya. Add curd,honey, lemon juice and egg white into it.
Mix all ingredients till the mixture becomes thick which can be applied on the face.
Apply this mask on your face. After 15 – 20 minutes Wash off with the lukewarm water for a smooth radiant face.

All these quick tips are easy to follow. But sometimes a little more care and love towards our skin would speak volumes about its beauty. Using our GreenForSure natural hand madesoaps daily further helpsin improving and retaining the glow. The more healthierour skin is, The more happier and prettier we look!!