Coconut Oil : Coconut oil is famous throughout the world not only as an edible oil and hair tonic, but also as an excellent massage oil and smoothener for the skin. Due to the presence of vitamin E, it protects the skin from sun, aging and wrinkling. Its strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties helps in reduction of any microbial infections of the skin. Due to the presence of the saturated fatty acids and vitamins, it protects from cell damage, gives an even tone and silky touch to the skin.

Palm Oil : It contains carotenes, vitamin E and antioxidants which helps in skin repair, restoring natural oils and keeping the skin moist. It helps prevent damage from sunburn and keep skin from prematurely aging. Its cleansing and conditioning properties are known since centuries. It is quite moisturizing and never allows skin to dries out.

Castor Oil : Due to the presence of antioxidants and fatty acids, It is a wonder for dry skin, sunburn, acne and stretch marks. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, making the skin smoother, softer and younger. Its anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti allergic and anti inflammatory properties are well known and is used worldwide for these properties in better skin management. Its moisturizing properties are unparalleled.

Sweet Almond Oil : It is richly endowed with protein, vitamin E and B vitamins, as well as essential minerals and healthy fats which are highly beneficial for skin. When used as massage oil, it is proven to relieve muscle pain and stress. Being rich in vitamin E, A, B1, B2 and B6 and being able to be absorbed easily by skin, it effectively balances the moisture in dry and irritated skin. Its firming effect on skin helps in reducing and reversing signs of aging like wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, blemishes including stretch marks.

Olive Oil : Glowing skin is what can be expected with applying olive oil. It is equally good for both dry and oily skin and closely resembles the skin’s natural oils. Its antioxidants and good fats helps in skin regeneration. Those with irritated and extremely sensitive skins can get highly beneficial results from this oil. The contents of this oil may also reduce the chances of skin cancer as they inhibit growth of tumors. It not only repairs the sun damage but can also be used as an effective sun screen.

Carrots : Carrot juice used for coloring in our soaps has equally important role in benefiting skin. High levels of beta carotene, vitamin A and antioxidants helps in reducing premature wrinkling, acne, dry skin, pigmentation, blemishes, uneven skin tone and protect from sun damage. Carrots are known by herbalists to prevent infection in cut wounds, etc.

Turmeric : Just ask your grandmother about the benefits of turmeric and the long list she narrates is true to every word. Turmeric is an excellent exfoliating agent and can help in defeating the signs of aging like wrinkles. Its antibacterial and cancer fighting properties are very well known. It helps in reducing marks, acne, infections, cracked heals, etc, It also is known to inhibit unwanted hair growth.

Tea Powder : Externally applied tea extracts help promote healthy and youthful skin.Tea contains several of the most potent and protective antioxidants, vitamins, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals for promoting overall skin health. The most important of these are vitamins C and E, carotenoids, and flavonoids. These help in minimizing sun burns, soothes bug bites & irritated skin, reduces puffy eyes & under eye circles, gets rid of body odour, tones and moisturizes skin.

Coffee Powder : Coffee can be considered as a favorite skin drink. It is loaded with antioxidants which reduces signs of aging, tightens fine lines, bolsters natural skin defenses, help in fighting carcinogens in UV rays and soothes inflammation. By promoting blood circulation and exfoliation it leads to an energized, healthy skin with reduced cellulite and flushing.

Adzuki Bean : These small beans in powder form has been used in Japanese skin care regimens for centuries to cleanse and buff away dry, dull & flaky skin and to rejuvenate and brighten the complexion without any damage to skin. This leaves you with a soft, smooth texture and a radiant glow.

Oats : Oats are great for reducing acne and hydrating the skin. They remove dead skin cells, Relieves Itchiness, naturally cleanse and lighten the skin while improving skin tone, texture and reducing pore size. Proteins in oatmeal help protect the skin’s natural guard against harsh chemicals. It helps in fighting skin conditions like rashes and bad effects of UV rays.

Honey : How much ever we may say about honey, still much will be left unsaid. Honey has been used since almost 4000 yrs in ayurvedic medicines. It can fight ageing, hydrate well, rejuvenates skin, protects from UV rays, acne and infections, keep skin smooth and supple while reducing blemishes. lt is a strong cleanser, humectant, antibacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal, anti oxidant, skin conditioner and toner, exfoliator which makes it a wonderful skin tonic.

Stevia : Native to Paraguay, it is one of the most beneficial plants on earth. Apart from being a dietary supplement, its anti oxidant, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties immensely benefits skin when applied topically. It helps in reducing wrinkles, reduce acne, rashes without blemishes.

Cinnamon : By bringing blood to the surface of the skin, it can plump out skin and smothen out fine lines. Its anti bacterial properties helps in treating pimples. It increases the collagen levels and makes skin appear younger apart from being a good cleanser. As a massage oil it improves skin tone. Rarely it can cause allergy when used in concentrated forms. While using in our soap, it does not amount to concentrated usage.