Our feet are the most used and most neglected parts of our body. We rarely give them some attention!!But once we see tanned or cracked feet, we start desperately going to parlours to get our pedicures done.
But alas! Nothing changes in a day. All it takes is a little patience and consistency to keep our feet happy and healthy.Doesn’t it look pretty when your feet are polished and are peeping out of your sandals?

Here are some tips to naturally keep your feet healthy :
The greatest way to give our feet relaxation is to give them a foot bath. Although our feet are strong and complex, they need that extra step in foot care to make them even more resilient.

Soak Your Feet Often:
There are a number of fancy foot baths out there, but you really just need a bucket of warm water for a good soak. You can add some olive oil and a few drops of scented essential oil of your choice.
After you’ve soaked your feet for a while, be sure to give them a good scrub to smooth rough areas. You can take your feet out of the water and use a pumice stone to massage the rough areas or you can just use a foot scrub. Remember!a pumice stone is much more effective in removing all the dead cells and make feet glowing.
Massage :
Coconut oil foot massage is another simple way to soothe and hydrate tired feet. If you have some serious dry skin issues on your feet, try an overnight moisturizing treatment of a simple massage with castor oil and then put on your favourite pair of cotton socks for that over-night self repair.
Using our exfoliating soap every day on feet also can remove dead cells and make the feet smooth and glowing. GreenForSure natural hand madesoaps help a lot in keeping feet hydrated and healthy, if used daily, as they are made from oils like Coconut Oil, castor oil, etc. They have all the oils that nourish your feet and keep them healthy.
Always remember, Healthy is Beautiful.