Benefits of GreenForSure Handmade Natural Soap

    • The magnificent smooth lather leaves your skin clean, soft, silky, and radiantly healthy.
    • This soap can be used on even the most sensitive skin as it is made of only natural ingredients. If you are sensitive to any ingredient and you find it in our soap, ensure to do a patch test on your skin. 
    • Reduces marks and blemishes on skin to a great extent 
    • Please remember that this is not a medicated soap but by making skin healthier it helps in reducing all sorts of blemishes including pimples and marks.
    • Keeps skin moist and does not allow it to dry resulting in supple, smooth and silky skin. This is because of the high content of glycerin in the soap. Skin absorbs the glycerin from the soap which in turn has a property of absorbing moisture from air resulting in moist skin.
    • Unless yours is a very dry skin, the use of body lotions and moisturizers are minimized. Normal skin becomes practically maintenance free which is a huge saving on money and time.
    • This soap is equally effective in hard water. No difference can be found between using in hard and soft water. It lathers and cleanses equally in any type of water.
    • Small quantity of soap is enough as it is a highly effective cleanser.
    • Keeps the skin fresh for much longer periods.
    • Keeps body odor at bay.
    • Reduces tanning due to heavy exposure to sun.
    • Improves complexion and makes skin even toned.
    • As this does not allow any residue to remain on skin after usage, less water is required during bathing.
  • This soap can be used until the last bit as it remains pliant and does not break in the end like other commercial soap.