We always get very excited having fun outdoors but for the sun stealing away all the fun leaving behind the worst dreaded tan. Though tan on the face is hated the most..tan on hands and legs is also equally unattractive and should not be ignored.

Here are some easy natural tips to reduce tan within a short time
Lemon : It acts as a very strong bleaching agent. Applying lemon juice mixed with honey on the affected area and washing it once it dries work wonders by lightening your skin if done on aregularbasis.
Tomato : It has anti-oxidants , minerals, and vitamins that makes skin look lively . Mix some tomato pulp, one tablespoon of yogurt and some oatmeal and apply on effected area. Remove it after 5-10 minutes and get clear and glowing skin.

Potato :It is rich in Vitamin C . Cut peeled potatoes and make a paste in the blender. Apply it and wash it with cold water after 20 to 30 minutes. You can even add lemon juice to the paste to get best results.

Aloe Vera : It acts as a cleanser and has skin-lightening properties. Applying it directly would nourish the skin and making it light and clear.
Sunburns are stubborn and they do not go away quickly. Hence avoiding is better than post mortum. Applying the above masks regularly helps keep skin healthyand hydrant, thus reducing the risk of sun tan to a large extent.
Apart from these using our HITA soaps daily which are natural made play a major role in keeping skin hydrant and avoiding tan.

Many people opt for bleaching and other chemical treatments just because they want instant results. Remember what comes easy comes with their own risks. But we have our substitute!With zero efforts HITA soaps helps us achieve all of it.
When it is so easy…why look anything else, when you can look Beautiful.