Coconut oil is always praised for its versatile nature and benefits. But not many of us know its role outside the kitchen. Coconut oil works as an amazing cleanser, anti-oxidant and a great healer. When used topically it works wonders on skin. Being all natural,It is very safe for all skin types.

Coconut oil as a cleanser :
It will gently wash away the dirt but not a bit of your natural oils. This makes your skin soft and keeps it moisturized.
Take half teaspoon of coconut oil and emulsify it between your fingers and gently rub it on your skin in circular motions and massage your skin for some time. After that wash away your skin with warm water. Let it dry. You can add some coarse salt or sugar to make a wonderful exfoliator cum cleanser cum moisturizer.

Waterproof makeup remover :
After having a great time in the party, the most disappointing moment comes when you have to clean off water proof mascara and eyeliner. There are good make up removers in market but a little bit too pricy when you can do it at home for free. Coconut oil acts as a make up remover too. For eye make up cover and coat lashes and eye lids and gently massage till the make up loosens up. Then gently wipe it off with cotton and wash in warm water.
Massage Oil : Use coconut oil as it is or mixed with few drops of your favourite essential oil to give that spa feel at home.

Hair conditioner : The benefits of coconut oil to hair are well known. Just apply the warm oil over night and wash your hair in the morning. It moisturizes hair to the roots and strengthens it.
Coconut oil which is used a moisturizer, cleanser and make up remover are just samples of all the harmful products you can replace with coconut oil.
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