Reasons to choose our soap

Our skin which is our largest organ acts as a sponge in absorbing chemicals. As it cannot discriminate between good and bad, it just absorbs whatever it comes into contact. So it is we who should decide what to put on our skin. We are already exposed to high levels of pollution and harmful chemicals, then why again use the same in our soap too.

Let us understand the differences between our cold processed handmade soaps and regular commercial soaps available in the market.

    • Our soaps contain no chemicals which are harmful to the skin and environment. They are skin friendly and do not strip the skin of its moisture and moreover adds to the natural protective barrier as the glycerin present in our soap attracts the moisture from the air. On the other hand, many of the commercially available soaps are not even soap but are chemically made detergent bars in which many of the chemicals are debated to have harmful and carcinogenic effects on skin. They are harsh on the skin and remove its natural moisture barrier making the skin sensitive and susceptible to allergies and infections. 


      • Our soaps have natural coloring agents like turmeric, coffee, tea, tomato, etc which are used for their beneficial effects on health and skin care since centuries. Many commercial soaps have artificial coloring agents which may be irritants to some people.
      • All the fragrances we use are studied under aromatherapy and only those which are soothing, mood uplifting and beneficial to our senses are selected. The soap smell will remain until the last of the soap and will not lessen after using the soap halfway as it happens in many commercial soaps. As the fragrances are natural, over a period of time of storage the strength of the smell may reduce and after some more time, the natural oily smell of the soap will surface. This will not affect the quality of the soap in anyway and can be used. In many commercial soaps even though the smell remains on the soap for much longer periods, it is our common experience that once we start using the soap, the smell is gone midway.


        • Our soap remains pliant and can be used until the last bit. Most of the commercial soaps becomes brittle towards the end and will break into pieces making it useless. This is a waste which can be avoided by using HITA Products soaps. 


          • Our soaps has the natural soap which gives best cleansing without stripping the skin of its moisture. It will not result in squeaky clean skin but a soft, supple and healthy skin. It removes the dirt and dead skin cells leaving the skin fresh and healthy.Many Commercial soaps are mere detergents resulting in dry skin prone to allergies and infections 


            • Our soaps will result in lesser lather than many commercial soaps as we do not use any artificial lathering agents as they do. But our lather is much smoother and gives a richer feel than the commercial soaps due to the all natural ingredients. The commercial soaps will result in more lather but the smoothness is not felt. 


              • Due to the natural cleansing ingredients in our soap, it can be used equally effectively in hard water also. Most of the commercial soaps are not even half effective in hard water and their lather becomes non existing.
                • Apart from the goodness of the soap, the natural ingredients we include in our soap making also add to the benefits to the skin. Many commercial soaps do not have any add-ons in their soaps.
                • Using our soap results in visible improvements in overall skin health. Commercial soaps have no benefits as such to the skin. On the other hand they make the skin dry and infection prone.